Thursday, November 10, 2011

     Tour Thanks
We left with our van...came home with out it.... four vehicles later. Bummed we had to cancel the rest of the tour, but that's the way she goes. We still had a blast and can not wait to get back out there! We are thinkin' we will be making up the dates in late February, or the beginning of March. Thank you to the following- First and foremost, RYAN FRAZIER. If it wasn't for him coming along I don't know what we would have done. We owe ya big time. Jenny for taking care/putting us up/putting up with us in Grand Junction. All the folks that came out in Junction. That shit was of the hook!! AAA for the tow. Our new, and old friends in Honky, Dwellers, The Shrine, Murder Cafe, and Fetch the pliers.(check all of them out. They rule!)Burts Tiki lounge in SLC. All our Denver friends(Hope to actually see you next time). 
We'll be at the Highline on Sunday.
Till next time!!!

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